About Tinta Bossa


Tinta Bossa's music is inspired by the

Brazilian Bossa Nova !                                                                           

Tinta Bossa is Sun.  Tinta Bossa is Colour. 

Tinta Bossa is Passion .... 


Meet Tinta Bossa and listen :  

CD Como um Pássaro   

Spring 2018, A CD with  music composed by Erik Uhlenbusch

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Read Some History....: 
The beginning...

Tinta Bossa started in 2007 with the combination of piano and vocals. Soon it was expanded with percussion and bass. In that formation,

there have been many fine performances throughout the Netherlands, including the international festival Dias Latinos Amersfoort.

CD   Felicidade... ( Happiness)

The CD with the title :  Felicidade  was recorded by Van de Bunt's Studio, Utrecht.


Piano became Guitar....

Since 2011 is the eminent instrument for the Bossa Nova, the guitar, the guidance of Tinta Bossa.

Vocals and guitar are ever since then the heart of Tinta Bossa. Additionally Tinta Bossa regularly

works with percussion and bass.


 CD  Caminho do Coração .... ( A way of living right from your heart)

Autumn 2012, there's the CD :  Caminho do Coração !  Listen the whole CD on Spotify!                          

Recorded by The Imagineering Suite, Amersfoort.                                                                                        

Fragments of the CD can be listened here : Audio / Video ♫

It is also possible to order the whole CD on this site, or just one song of it !


Tinta Bossa has built up an extensive repertoire in its existence, always finding her own way in

this music, inspired by great Brazilian composers. The work of Antonio Carlos Jobim is still central, but

also pieces of Carlos Lyra, Jorge Ben Jor, João Gilberto, Luiz Bonfa, Dorival Caymmi and own

compositions from Erik Uhlenbusch, guitarplayer of Tinta Bossa, are on the program. By composing

her own music, Tinta Bossa wants to endure this beautiful style of music in creating melodic songs with special

harmonies and rhythms.


Tinta Bossa provides an impassioned concert with the colourful new songs and arrangements,

together with an enthusiastic presentation. At a dinner, festival, wedding and many other events

the sunny music of Tinta Bossa is very suitable !

Tinta Bossa also provides ' small ' performances at home, such as a birthday - gift !

Tinta Bossa is ideal for warm and exotic ( background - ) music at parties, receptions, openings of exhibitions, restaurants, conferences and the like.

For a tropical evening or a sunny sambaTinta Bossa !

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